First Journal, “Z / Brian dialogue”

As a high-school junior, I began keeping my first journal because it was an assignment for my English class. Although I was initially resistant to the idea, I eventually found my journal — which was composed of loose-leaf sheets held in a 3-ring binder — to be a place where I could candidly express what was on my mind.

My teacher explained that our entries would not be read; they would only be counted. And thus I could write freely about whatever topics I chose. In this entry, I generated the transcript of a theoretical conversation between my first therapist at me. To the best of my recollection, I had been in counseling for several months. I was 16 years old.


[page] 26
Week 7

Z / Brian dialogue

Z — How are you doing?
B — OK…things have been happening so fast lately.
Z — Yeah…well tell me about it and how you feel!
B — OK…well, I like using metaphors a lot.
Z — That’s OK.
B — Good. I wasn’t #### sure if you liked me using them or not. I guess it is because I have a rough time expressing how I really feel inside, and using metaphors helps me.
Z — Go ahead…write on.
B — Well, if life were a taperecorder, and everyone was a cassette, then most everyone I know, including my friends have been and are still in PLAY mode. Well, for the last couple of years, I have been in STOP mode. Now I feel that I’m in fast forward, kind of.
Z — Interesting.

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