First Journal, “Life sucks (period)”


[page] 47
Week 12

Life sucks (period)

Life sucks (period). It absolutely sucks shit. I have had #### an absolutely horrible year. Yes, completely, horrible. Life sucks so bad, I almost think that it would be easier if I were dead. It’s a terrible thing to say — but who in the hell gives a care. I sure as hell don’t. No, that isn’t true. I care. I wake up everyday [sic] slightly optimistic; I go to school; I go to therapy. Something, I don’t know what, is keeping me going. I feel like shit. No one understands. My life is shitty. I hate my life, school, Mr. Z., everyone + everything. I’m in an incredibly shitty mood. I have no real friends. I’m 17 fuckin’ years old, and I have no real friends. That really sucks. I don’t go to movies, plays, sporting events, people’s houses, parties, or out to dinner. Mr. Z is right. I am a “loner.” Yes, I am.

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