First Journal, “The Stake & The Rope”


[page] 92
Week 16

The Stake & The Rope

I wish I had a stake.
Not just a stake…but the stake of life.
A #### gigantic stake forged from raw courage, pride, and determination in a searing hearth deep in my heart.
A stake so massive and strong that it could endure endless years and a lifetime of struggle.
A stake so heavy and rough that it could not be lifted or moved until the time when I must leave this blessed planet.
The stake would be red and black and gray and unchanging.
The stake would have a diamond tip so sharp that it could pierce the very depths of my conscience.
The stake would be driven into the very center of my mind where it would hold to the soil of my #### soul like a redwood grasps its earth.
Around this stake would be a magical rope.
A rope made of trillions of emotions and feeling[s] wound together by the minutes of time.
The rope would be magical and white and blue and flexible and warm and vibrating.
It would grow in length as each day passes.
I would hold onto this rope with all my strength as I explored every foot of life #### knowing that I could always pull that rope tight and feel its tautness, knowing that the stake was anchored securely in its place.
And knowing that I could pull myself back to the stake for safety.
I could tie the rope around my middle and feel secure and safe as I ventured into new places.

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