“I am trying to figure out…how to bake in a 50ft2 kitchen.”


Thirty of my former high-school students — who are now making their ways out in the world — volunteered to participate in ink + sky’s first Postcard Project. I am grateful for their honesty, their candor, and their willingness to take a risk.

By disclosing what they are trying to figure out, these young men and women are revealing a part of their inner selves. This courageous decision requires the willingness to be vulnerable, which is one of the most powerful acts that a person can demonstrate.

Your thoughtful comments are welcomed below. The author of this postcard will value your affirmations and kindness. Thank you.

To see the next postcard in the series, please click here.

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 11.11.28 AM

1 thought on ““I am trying to figure out…how to bake in a 50ft2 kitchen.”

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! So often it is what matters on the inside rather than what is in plain sight. And moving is always an adventure in itself with a number of tests in adjustments along the way. But I hope you are able to enjoy your new home, and the new experiences that will come along with it. I also really liked your creativity with making this card and the inclusion of ingredients!


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