Buffalo Journal


Some entries are short. Very short. The following entry from September 30, 2016 featured only one sentence from Ryan Holiday, author of The Obstacle is the Way (2014).


9-30-16   Don’t leap until you see the landing.     — Ryan Holiday

(i.e. don’t quit your job until you can recognize where you are going)


12-27-16    Morning is the most honest part of the day, and coffee is the stuff of liberation.

“The Road Not Taken” Journal



8-31-18  6:39 AM, kitchen table, Crow’s Nest

And this begins my first new journal now that I am back in Michigan. Moments ago I completed Colorado Journal #6 by penning two pages about the discomfort I experienced at last night’s Orion/Oxford football game. It was a tough experience, but I think I have diagnosed the reasons why. And doing so can help me set up a situation where I don’t experience the same familiar tensions and discomfort in the future. I want to create a new football experience, one that boosts my levels of joy, pride, satisfaction, and enjoyment.  And I can do that now that I have returned to Orion with a new intention, a new perspective, a #### new sense of myself — one that is actively evolving…