ink + sky is a place for me to figure things out. And it is a launch pad from which I can combine writing, photography, and design to push positive energy out into the universe. As an introvert and a thinker — my Myers Briggs type is INTJ — I spend hours inside my head each day. Sometimes that space gets overcrowded and noisy. This platform provides an outlet — one that offers me some relief, and perhaps offers visitors some inspiration.

After several months of experimentation I launched ink sky in October 2018 to, in part, share what I have kept hidden. A former high-school English teacher, I started journaling about my struggles with mental health issues at the age of 16. I never stopped writing. For over 28 years I have used journaling to help me navigate the challenges of the present — and to envision what might be possible. Please see The Ranch Hand, my first blog post, to get a sense of how I arrived at this point.

In addition to providing varied content for visitors, ink sky can hopefully inspire a conversation about mental health and mental illness, and help confront the stigmas that limit public discourse related to depression and anxiety disorders — especially among boys and men. The silence surrounding these subjects must be lifted. Too many people are quietly struggling with these and other issues, yet their public selves often yield no sign of this fact. As a result, relief remains elusive.

By sharing some of my experience, maybe I can encourage others to feel less fearful and ashamed about disclosing parts of their own. That process can start with a piece of paper. Writing aids me when I am ailing, and supports me when I am soaring. Perhaps the pen can do the same for you. Consider giving it a try. See my Getting Started page for a few tips. The process is simple; the potential is limitless.

I believe that we are all capable of more than we imagine.

– Brian

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Note — The header photograph was obtained from Unsplash.com.