ink + sky is a platform intended to inspire a conversation about mental health and mental illness, and to confront the stigmas that limit public discourse related to depression and anxiety disorders – especially among boys and men. The silence surrounding these subjects must be lifted.

A former high-school English teacher, I began writing about my struggles with mental health issues at the age of 16. I never stopped. For over 28 years I have used journaling to help me navigate the challenges of the present – and to envision what might be possible. Writing aids me when I am ailing, and supports me when I am soaring.

I launched ink + sky to share my story and to encourage others to share theirs. (It began with The Ranch Hand.) Today’s media environment includes few voices of regular people who speak or write openly about their challenges – and their victories – with mental health issues. All too often, social media relies on celebrity news and gossip; but very little of that material helps us understand ourselves.  

Writing and reading do, however. They foster learning. They encourage reflection. They provoke insight. And now more than ever, we need to achieve greater awareness, comprehension, and acceptance of our interior selves. Please consider picking up a pen and getting in touch with the person inside of you — and perhaps the people around you.

I believe that we are all capable of more than we imagine.

– Brian

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