Have scarf? Will sled!


With a few fresh fluffy inches of white powder on the ground, Kermit could not resist this opportunity to indulge in a little downhill fun. Sledding is best enjoyed with a friend, however, so he teamed up with the Christmas Moose for a morning on the local slope.

A good time was had by all!

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“I’m fine. Really — I’m fine!” 


But don’t worry — the green guy was okay!

If you missed the Christmas Moose emerging from the wilderness back in November, please visit…

“First sighting of the Christmas Moose!”

IMG_4156 2

Finally, if you choose to head out into the snow today with your friends, your kids, or your significant other, I believe you’ll find that the wind and the cold are worth it.

The fun to be had outdoors reminds us of some of the most important things in lifeadventure, joy, and the security of knowing that someone else is along for the ride.

Let Kermit and the Christmas Moose remind you how it’s done…


P.S. — Grab a scarf before you take to the slopes. You’ll thank me.

Send your love a letter



With all due respect to the appeal of flowers, chocolates, and fancy dinners, have you considered writing a letter to express your feelings? There’s still time.

It can be simple, inexpensive, and absent of rhyme. (Leave the poetry to the poets.)

But your note can possess the strength to last forever — to serve as a timeless symbol of your devotion, your gratitude, and your heartfelt sentiments.

Try something different this year: send your love a letter.