To all the individuals

the troubled poets,
the sidewalk stalkers,
the blossom gatherers,
the sleepless nomads,
the graffiti angels,
the midnight doves,
the hallway romeos,
the casual rebels,
the rainbow spirits,
the urban raiders,
the loveline acrobats,
the charity convicts,
the soulbeat medics,
the lonesome roses,
the convenience-store phantoms,
the winking moons,
the rebound architects,
the shoeshine cobras,
the underground pilots,
the mercy maidens,
the sunburst jackals,
the playground pirates,
the retail gypsies,
the steadicam samurai,
the mosh-pit lifeguards,
the nervous stallions,
the melody seekers,
the armored dancers,
the bluebruised kings,
the caffeine hipsters,
the cosmos surfers,
the rhythm junkies,
the parking-lot cowboys,
the bombshell dames,
the weary mask-makers,
and the rainsoaked shepherds…

make your mark.